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Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle Coaching

The evidence base in psychiatry is moving incredibly fast, and, like many areas of medicine, what we were told to do a few years ago is different from what we are being told to do today.

For instance, as we gain more insight into how inflammation affects the brain, it is becoming increasingly clear the role of inflammation in many mental health disorders.


Mental health is built from the ground up, with good sleep, good nutrition, gut health, and supportive relationships being the foundation of wellness. In addition, we must minimize the stresses that drag us down whenever possible.

Genetic testing is an additional piece of the puzzle that tells us more about your makeup and how you would respond to some psychotropic medications. It can tell us what medications might cause more side effects, what medications could potentially be helpful, and if there are any genetic anomalies that would influence your care; it cannot, unfortunately, point us to the absolutely ideal medication for you. It is generally quite affordable and covered by some insurance providers.